Become stronger in body and mind with martial arts club


Name of organisation:

Bytomic Tae Kwon Do

What are your main aims and objectives?

Our official tag line is enriching, empowering and improving lives through martial arts. Our aim is simply to create motivated, confident, fit and healthy students.

Where do you meet and how often?

We meet at Hemel Hempstead School on Thursdays – 6pm kids class, 7pm adults and families –and Saturdays 10.30am.

What sort of people are your members?

A mix of ages, abilities and backgrounds. We have quite a few families training with us – mums, dads and children. We have marathon runners training but also people who have done no exercise since school. Our club is an incredibly friendly one with many students getting together on a social level outside of the club.

If someone was considering membership, what would you say to them to convince them to sign up?

Martial arts is a great way of getting stronger in mind and body. Through gaining belt colours, students become motivated and confident. It really is a hobby that can improve all aspects of your life – it is not just going to the gym.

Whether you want to learn self defence skills, or you want your child to have fun in a disciplined atmosphere, Tae Kwon Do is a challenging and stimulating activity.

Please give us an idea of your activities in the last six months, and what do you have lined up for the future?

Our students are able to take part in competitions, training camps and additional seminars on top of their normal classes. We have forthcoming National and European Championships that our students can attend.

What sort of costs are involved in membership?

Our monthly fees for unlimited training are £49.99 and we have reductions for our once a week children’s classes. Great family discounts are also available.

Free trial classes are on offer to all new beginners. Anyone can come along, wearing something loose and comfortable, and try out a couple of classes for free to see how they get on.

Does your club have a website that people can visit for more information?

If someone would like to join, who should they contact?

Call 01844 281888 or email