Berkhamsted bikers in daring obstacle challenge

BikeFest 2012.
BikeFest 2012.

BIKERS showed off their skills by taking on a hazardous stunt course at the fourth annual BikeFest.

There were about seven members of the Berkhamsted Trials Club at the event in Hitchin.

BikeFest 2012.

BikeFest 2012.

They flew over obstacles including a van, several skips and oil drums, wowing the masses who were watching them.

Club chairman Karen Gibbons said: “It was a really good day. Some of the lads had not done anything like that before, so they were a little bit nervous about going into the area, but actually really enjoyed it.”

Among the riders was Karen’s son Conor, who is 11.

Karen said: “The crowds jaws were dropping at the obstacles overcome by our members safely on a trials bike.

“The organisers have asked us to go back again next year.”

BikeFest was held by Herts Fire and Rescue Service on Sunday, August 19, to raise cash for the Firefighters Charity, Service by Emergency Volunteer Bloodrunners and Help For Heroes.

Trial-biking usually involves bikers racing over natural obstacles around routes through woods or quarries. Points are deducted if riders put their feet on the floor during the race.