Berkhamsted car wash owner’s last ditch plea as closure day looms

The owner of a ‘noisy’ car wash says moves to close his firm will needlessly leave him and three others without jobs.

Prestige Car Wash has been run without planning permission from a Berkhamsted High Street base, near Swing Gate Lane, for three years.

Bisar Shabani, owner of Prestige Car Wash.

Bisar Shabani, owner of Prestige Car Wash.

The Gazette reported last week that councillors and the Planning Inspectorate say it is a noise nuisance to neighbours and must be shut by the end of the week or face enforcement action.

But owner Bisar Shabani said: “The problem is the council are not giving me enough time to improve.

“We did improve, but they always come back with the next thing and the next thing. Now they are only complaining about the noise, which I can stop.

“But if not, we will have to shut down and it will be me and three others without a job. We have put lots of investment into this business.”

The building was originally used as a by a car repairs firm.

Mr Shabani said: “They were making so much more noise than us. They were drilling and banging, making a lot of noise.”