Berkhamsted Castle: closed... and who knows when it will open again?

It is not known when Berkhamsted Castle will reopen after being closed due to flooding when its moat filled up with rainwater, blocking off all access points to it.

Site-manager English Heritage has only said it will be closed ‘until further notice’ as high water levels have made it unsafe for visitors.

Flooding at Berkhamsted Castle.

Flooding at Berkhamsted Castle.

A sign informing people of the news is on the closed gate to the castle and on the English Heritage website.

John Waller, 70, of Cobb Road, Berkhamsted, said: “People come from all over the world to go to Berkhamsted Castle and then they cannot get in.

“It’s understandable – because of all the rainwater there, but I do hope something gets done about it soon.”

Mr Waller gives tours of the castle to schoolchildren and history enthusiasts.

The sign on the castle’s gate says: “Due to high water levels, for your safety, the castle grounds will be closed until further notice.”