Berkhamsted parents blast danger junction used by school children every day

Road safety concerns at junction of Kings Road/Shootersway/Kingshill, Berkhamsted, September 2013
Road safety concerns at junction of Kings Road/Shootersway/Kingshill, Berkhamsted, September 2013

Parents say a crossing should be installed at a dangerous junction that is now used by up to 100 school children a day.

Berkhamsted’s Ashlyns School expanded from an upper to a secondary school earlier this month, taking on 400 extra pupils in Years 7 and 8.

Headteacher James Shapland says new classrooms and facilities will help create an ‘outstanding future for young people in the local community’.

But parents have complained about the younger children having to cross a dangerous bend between Kingshill Way, Shootersway and Kings Road to get to the school.

Jo Doughty, of Chalet Close, Berkhamsted, says the bend is an ‘accident waiting to happen’.

She said: “These children are much younger than previous years and having to cope with a busy junction with no crossing is an absolute nightmare.”

Catherine Davies, 50, of Kings Road, has 11-year-old twins who have just started going to Ashlyns.

She has instructed them to use a pelican crossing further down Kings Road, but says this adds almost a mile to their trip.

Herts Highways says it has trimmed back vegetation to make it easier for children to see cars coming towards the junction.

Two new ‘school’ warning signs have been installed for drivers. A third will follow and flashing lights will go around them.

There are also plans to build a new pavement along the British Film Institute side of Kingshill Way and Shootersway.

Children would then have to cross both roads to get to school, rather than just crossing Kings Road once, but they could cross further away from the bend.

Ashlyns School sends a teacher to help children at the junction each day – but the teacher has no power to stop traffic.

Headteacher James Shapland said: “I would very much support a new crossing there.

“We just need to make sure the right people are doing the right things.

“As long as the research and traffic surveys have taken place, that would be an excellent idea.”