Berkhamsted pensioner says: ‘Make me mayor and I’ll open civic toilets’

A pensioner says he wants to be made mayor of Berkhamsted – in return for cleaning the town’s civic centre toilets.

John Waller, 70, who lives in nearby Cobb Road, has long campaigned for lavatory facilities to be installed at Berkhamsted Castle.

John Waller.

John Waller.

English Heritage says they would not fit in with the area’s surroundings, as well as being too costly to install and impractical, as the tourism hotspot is not staffed.

Now Mr Waller has turned his attention to Berkhamsted Civic Centre, where the toilets are closed unless an event its going on in its public hall.

He said: “If you look in the Oxford English Dictionary, civic means either city or community.

“This is our civic centre - there are toilets in there, but you can only use them when there is an event on and most of them are closed.

“When I am elected town councillor, or even mayor, I will open the toilets and I will clean them myself and I will have a special brush where I will clean round the S bend, and they will be open to everybody who visits Berkhamsted.”