Berkhamsted petrol station ran out of fuel for hours

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DRIVERS have been left queuing at fuel pumps, with many cars spilling out onto the roads, as fears over potential strikes hit home.

Esso garage in London Road, Berkhamsted, ran out of fuel at 1pm yesterday (Thursday) and had to close until after 5.30pm when its next delivery was due to arrive.

Supervisor Daniel Woodthorpe said: “The last couple of days it’s been non-stop with one car after the other and people queuing up the road.

“Our sales have been at least double the normal figures.

“Yesterday we sold out of everything, we had a delivery between 5.30pm and 7.30pm after I’d left, and now we are getting towards being sold out again.

“From what I saw coming in this morning, there were at least six or seven cars on the road queuing to get in – and the forecourt was full.

“We don’t know when our next delivery will be, as that’s dealt with by head office – hopefully people will soon realise they do not have to panic buy.”

Similar scenes were reported from down the road at Total Petrol Station in High Street.

But company spokesman Natalie King would only say: “We are incredibly busy and volumes of petrol sold have increased.”