Big Brother’s first daughter and mum to lead dance class in Berkhamsted

Jackie Travers, 59, and daughter Charlie, 27, appeared on Big Brother in 2013.
Jackie Travers, 59, and daughter Charlie, 27, appeared on Big Brother in 2013.

The first mother and daughter to appear on Big Brother together have spoken to the Gazette ahead of a dance workshop they will be leading.

The event by instructor Jackie Travers, 59, and daughter Charlie, 27, will be at Berkhamsted Civic Centre between 7pm and 9pm on Monday.

The pair, who live in the town, appeared on the Channel 5 show this summer – and Jackie says it was one of the most incredible experiences of her life.

Singer-songwriter Charlie says that for her it was a kind of therapy after struggling to beat cocaine addiction and bulimia, and having her cervix removed after a cancer scare.

She said: “I was not very happy with myself or who I was at the time. I wanted something to take me out of my comfort zone and the rut I was in to make me start loving myself.”

Being in the house, where contestants nominate each other for eviction each week before viewers decide who goes, actually made her worry less about what others think of her.

Jackie said: “It was funnily enough at some points quite relaxing, as you have all of your responsibilities taken away from you – your mobile phone, your handbag, everything.”

The pair even got used to the hundreds of cameras, but they could never forget they were there. Some would make a buzzing noise and spin towards whoever was talking at any particular time.

Others were in the bedroom, bathroom and behind the mirrors in the living room. Jackie said the man monitoring the bathroom camera turned away whenever someone used the toilet, which put her at ease.

She left the house in the fifth week: “It is a moment that passes in seconds, but a moment I will never forget.

“It was the most exciting moment of my life – except for having kids.”

Charlie got through to the final after staying in the house for 10 weeks – but Sam Evans was the winner.

If you want to go to the dance class, email Jackie at