Bike brigade enjoy a Saturday squelch during Youth Across Hemel challenge

Youth Across Hemel cross country bike trek
Youth Across Hemel cross country bike trek

A muddy and puddle-strewn 15 kilometre cross country bike hike through Ashridge footpaths and byways was the challenge for youth groups from Hemel Hempstead churches ready to tackle the Saturday marathon.

Organised by Youth Across Hemel, the challenging route, although pitted with potholes, puddles and swampish terraine, was successfully completed by all 14 who took part.

Starting at Martin’s Pond, Potten End the route took cyclists to Ashridge Monument where they rested for a short lunch back before heading back.

Youth Across Hemel director Dean Such said: “Events like these are not only fun, but a great way of building links within our community.

“This has been a great opportunity to allow young people from churches across Hemel Hempstead to achieve something special together in amazing countryside, which is right on our doorstep!”

A fun, exhilarating time was had by all despite a couple of falls into the mud. The next Youth Across Hemel event will be organised in the summer term.