Bitez Snack Bar is back up and running

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A snack bar has been revived under new ownership.

New owner of Bitez Snack Bar in Apsley, 27-year-old Vicky Marshall, opened the London Road cafe’s doors on Saturday but she can also be seen out and about visiting businesses in her mobile snack van.

The former hotel worker, who ran weddings and corporate events, and lives in Alexandra Road, Hemel Hempstead, said: “I have always wanted something for myself and then I saw this and I loved it. It was a nice size to start with – not too big and overwhelming.”

During the opening Vicky’s pals – Danny and Sam Kerr – popped in along with the Keech Hospice Care mascot bear.

Vicky is now raising funds for the good cause because it helped look after the couple’s first baby.