‘Blaze demonstrates bad parking in our road and new house would make it worse’

Blaze in Cobb Road, Berkhamsted PNL-141208-162239001
Blaze in Cobb Road, Berkhamsted PNL-141208-162239001

Neighbours say a dramatic blaze has demonstrated the need for parking improvements in a cul-de-sac that fire engines and ambulances sometimes struggle to get down.

Cars are sometimes left on both sides of Cobb Road, Berkhamsted, making it difficult for large vehicles to pass.

Blaze in Cobb Road, Berkhamsted PNL-141208-162302001

Blaze in Cobb Road, Berkhamsted PNL-141208-162302001

The fire in the street began on Wednesday, July 23, in a hedge, and later spread to a Ford Focus that was parked nearby. People who live nearby had to be evacuated and some said that fire engines struggled to reach the blaze due to parked cars.

They say the problem will only get worse if plans for a new detached house in the street get the go-ahead.

Berkhamsted Town Council’s town planning committee has now backed their concerns, objecting to the proposal during a meeting last night.

Minutes of the meeting give multiple reasons as to why it should not go ahead.

They say: “Evidence provided by residents highlight the serious issues around parking, servicing and access given the narrow width of Cobb Road and the amount of on-road parking.

“We are concerned that the addition of this proposed dwelling would only serve to exacerbate those issues.”

But it is not the town council but Dacorum Borough Council that will make the final decision on whether the house can be built.

Cobb Road neighbours want Herts County Council to consider painting double yellow lines along one side of the street to alleviate parking problems.