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A pensioner says she will no longer leave out bags of goods for charities after suspecting she was stung by bogus callers.

Christine Terry of Bennetts End believes she has been the victim of scam artists who are distributing clothing collection bags in the name of the Herts Air Ambulance.

The charity-run service has stressed that the good cause does not operate door-to-door collections.

Christine 71, who had left out handbags, good quality clothing, curtains and books, said: “It seems a shame that people are putting bags out in good faith and there are some con merchants about.

“I just cannot believe that people would be so vindictive towards these charities which are trying to raise money.”

There have been reports of bogus bags being dropped off at homes in the Hemel Hempstead and Kings Langley areas.

However, although some may be part of a scam there has been confusion about another charity – the Air Ambulance Service – which supports life saving services mostly in the north of the country but has been distributing their yellow and black donation bags locally.

Hannah Ashby of the Essex and Herts Air Ambulance said: “They are a charity in their own right.

“We just don’t want people to be confused by this and to think that they are supporting the Herts Air Ambulance.

“People are more than welcome to support them but we are not going to benefit as a charity ourselves.”

The Herts Air Ambulance has clothes recycling banks at locations across the county including Vauxhall Road’s Hemel Hempstead Town Football Club. Visit