Bollards to end parking woes, hope owners

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A ROW has broken out over parking on private property.

Brian Lockyear, chairman of the Harrow Yard Tring Management Company Ltd, is annoyed residents leave their cars on the land adjacent to their homes.

At a planning meeting on Monday night, when Tring Town council had no objection his application for 11 removable bollards at the site, he said: “Unfortunately the owners of properties at Dunedin Court take a view that they have rights to park in our road.

“This leads to a situation where 30 to 40 cars regularly have to negotiate two cars, which in my view are illegally-parked, from the Catholic Church.”

He said bollards would only be put in the sockets if necessary to stop illegal parking and overspill from congested Akeman Street. He added that residents have garages and the parked cars could cause a serious accident.

In a letter to the council, Dunedin Court resident Paul Goodwin wrote: “I strongly object to the plan which has been submitted for no other reason than to restrict access to my property.

“If you accept this application it will devalue my property.”