Boxmoor PA Zoe launches beauty business after being made redundant

Glow Hair and Beauty.
Glow Hair and Beauty.

Unexpected redundancy gave a personal assistant the chance to embark on a totally new career in the hair and beauty industry.

Zoe Robbins, 30, said the pay off gave her the perfect chance to look again at her job options.

Earlier this month she launched Glow Hair and Beauty in the heart of Hemel Hempstead’s industrial estate and, as well as managing the venue, has retrained in non-aesthetic procedures such as IPL - intense pulsed light - used for things like hair removal and facial treatments.

“It was something I was very interested in doing and looked at it a couple of years ago but the timing just wasn’t right,” said Zoe, of Boxmoor.

The salon is based in Avebury Court and is attracting office workers who like to indulge in lunchtime treatments, along with people who live in the surrounding areas.

“We are in the middle of all the local communities,” said Zoe.

“It offers car parking and it’s a discreet location - from a tan you might be a bit glowing or red from waxing and want to get straight in your car and go.”

The salon, which aims to offer the latest procedures and products that others may not be promoting, opened for business on October 20 and has seen a steady flow of clients coming through the door.

Zoe said: “I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love doing it.”