Brewery rolling out barrel for jubilee and comedy festival

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TRING Brewery has two beers to help revellers celebrate this summer’s Jubilee and the town’s comedy festival.

The brewery is already taking orders for the Jubilee brew called Would Jubileve, which it has made with sovereign hops.

Brewer Ben Marston said: “The name probably pays more of a homage to Victor Meldrew than Her Majesty but the brewery is sure she wouldn’t mind.

“People should order early because we run out quickly.”

The brewers are also working on the beer for The Tringe Festival, on from July 1 to 21, and say it will be a four per cent blend.

In the meantime they are asking for name suggestions and have so far been given You’re Hoppy And You Know It and Just A Bitter Fun.

Ben said: “We haven’t finalised all the details yet but we will know more in the next few weeks.”

Tweet Ben whose handle is @Tring Brewery with your ideas.