Brigid’s astrology circle is piece of Fantastic Art

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THE founder of a worldwide art group is about to launch its biggest exhibition so far.

Brigid Marlin, 75, of Castle Hill, Berkhamsted, set up the Society For Art of Imagination in 1993 to promote the work of fantastic and visionary art worldwide.

It now has 400 members from 24 coutnries – and some of their work will be exhibited at the Museum of Fantastic Art in Vienna for a fortnight from Saturday, April 14.

Brigid said: “It will be the biggest exhibition we have ever had.”

She will give talks during it, alongside society curator Gerhard Habarta, and its UK chairman Michel de Saint Ouen and American representative Miguel Tio. To find out more, visit

Above, Brigid shows off one of her latest works of art, titled The Circle of Astrology.