Burglars hit the homes with unlocked doors


Homeowners are being urged to lock their doors following a spate of burglaries where thieves have simply let themselves in.

There were 12 incidents in Tring during November where intruders stole items that are easy to remove, such as mobile phones, keys, laptops, wallets and jewellery.

Sgt Adele Hopkins from the community safer neighbourhood team said that most of the crimes took place at the edges of the town where it is easy for criminals to make a speedy getaway.

Orchard Gardens, Grove Road, Station Road, Beaconsfield Road, all in Tring, and Hemp Lane in Wiggington have been targeted in the last four weeks.

Sgt Hopkins said: “I believe these are all connected because of the locations and the type of items that are being stolen.”

On one occasion crooks stole a ring and a spare set of car keys from a house in Beaconsfield Road between November 15 and 16 and on Wednesday went back to the house at 7.20pm and attempted to snatch the car.

Sgt Hopkins said: “The owner was at home and looked out of the window after hearing a noise to see two people trying to take his car.

“The burglaries tend to happen in the early hours of the morning - from 2am to 5am - or at teatime - 7pm to 9pm,

“It means commuters need to be extra careful.

“The message is to lock and double lock your doors, don’t leave valuables where people can see them and don’t be afraid to call the police if you see something suspicious, even if you are not quite sure.

“It’s better to have a false call than not one at all, especially around Christmas time when traditionally we get an increase in burglaries.

“We haven’t had an increase in comparison to last year so there’s not need to panic.”