Bus campaigner hopeful of route return a year on

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ELDERLY people are still struggling after the diversion of a bus route away from their homes, according to a campaigner.

Eileen Knight, of Beeches in Tring, is still hopeful that Arriva will bring its 500 bus service back down Station Road in Tring.

Thursday will mark a year since The Gazette reported the controversial change of route along London Road, when enough protesters from Tring’s Grove area to fill a bus turned out to oppose the change.

Arriva spokesman Linsey Frostick said the changes saw an improvement to the service last year and factors that led to the change have not moved on greatly.

She said: “The new camera in Moor End Road will help the situation in Hemel Hempstead but it is not turned on yet so we are unable to assess its impact.

“There are additional problems of parking in Waterhouse Street which still have not been resolved.

“Other factors are being discussed but not with any real plans in place.”