‘Bus services into town centre do not run late enough’

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A BUS passenger has called for more routes into a town centre during evenings.

Patrick Storey, from the New Mill area of Tring, says the 387 bus service from Tring Station – run by Z & S International since Sunday – does not make the one-and-half-mile trip into town late enough.

“If you are working in London, the only option after 7.43pm is to walk or get a cab,” he said.

He said Arriva’s buses from Aylesbury to Tring leave too early, forcing teenagers going to the cinema or theatre to rely on lifts from parents or taxis.

Arriva spokesman Linsey Frostick said: “When we have run more buses after 6pm there has been very low usage and they were not viable.”

Both companies said they will assess the situation.