Bus users left out in cold

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PEOPLE who have been left without a bus service into their town centre since a bus company changed its route will not be seeing it reinstated any time in the near future.

Bus company Arriva has said that it has no plans to put back the number 500 bus to its original route along Station Road and Cow Lane because its time-keeping has not been sufficiently improved.

Elderly people who live near Station Road and Grove Park have been struggling for more than a year since the bus was diverted away from their homes.

After a group of more than 40 people protested against the change, Arriva attended a meeting and told them and representatives from the county and borough councils that problems on the route, from Aylesbury to Watford, were causing delays.

One of the major issues was motorists using the bus lane at Moor End Road in Hemel Hempstead.

A traffic camera was installed on the bus lane and was met with fierce opposition from drivers after more than 25,000 people were slapped with £60 fines.

Despite this Arriva spokesman Richard Lewis has said that the policing of the bus gate has helped improve time-keeping but the reduction in delays has only served to help the buses run on time.

He said: “It has not created sufficient additional time in the schedules to allow a reinstatement of the route via Cow Lane at Tring.”