‘A word of difference to your business’

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DACORUM’S businesses have been asked to help prove a revolutionary learning system can add value to companies and change lives.

Olive Hickmott, who runs Empowering Learning from her home off High Street, Redbourn, uses a system of learning called ‘visual reasoning’ where the person learning imagines words as pictures and just has to repeat what they see.

Firms and people have reported improved skill levels in literacy and numeracy by using the method. But despite a successful project at the University of Bedfordshire, she said more research is needed.

Author Mrs Hickmott said: “This method is bound to change things for businesses as up to 10 per cent of the workforce has dyslexia – it would be great to work to improve things at a big company.”

She added that visual reasoning is usually successful after a few hours and people “realise they aren’t stupid – it’s just that nobody taught them that all-important ‘how to’.”

Mrs Hickmott said 20 per cent of people leave education with literacy and numeracy difficulties. That, she said, costs people lost careers and companies lost profits, higher errors and poor motivation.

The former director at BICC Data Networks in Hemel Hempstead, left the corporate world in 1990 to run her own business.

“People cannot believe the solution is so simple,” she said. “They want it to be complex but it is all about how people are taught.”

There are many testimonials on her website at www.empoweringlearning.co.uk

> Contact Mrs Hickmott by phoning 07970 854388