Academy cash means Tring School can keep going

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THE future is looking bright for a school that has been dogged with financial woes over the past year.

Tring School officially became an academy on Sunday, July 1, bringing in a cash injection of £325,000 and the potential to make financial savings on services it purchases due to its new found independence.

Headteacher Sue Collings explained that there will be no visible major change at the moment but the school was planning its future goals.

She said: “We want to support staffing levels and curriculum provision. We also need to improve our accommodation as there has been limited investment in the school’s infrastructure.”

The school has previously made cuts to lessons and staff redundancies after capital funding was slashed by 80 per cent.

Mrs Collings sent letters to parents asking for cash contributions to help bridge funding gaps and raise money for a new boiler.

Now with sixth form funding in the firing line, the school made the decision to be an academy and manage its own budget.

Mrs Collings said: “This is good news. We have worked hard and have been financially prudent and will continue to be.

“We will still experience cuts but we have a cushion. Who knows what the future holds for education but what I do know is we are now in a stronger financial position compared to 12 months ago.”

There are no plans for a name or uniform change as efficiency is important.

Mrs Collings added: “The key thing is to maintain the opportunities we already give to our students.

“Like all public sector schools we have experienced cuts but being an academy will give us more flexibility to maintain as well as improve.”