Aid workers help during blackout

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A PENSIONER has praised kind-hearted volunteers who came to her aid during a 10-hour power blackout at her home.

Ellen Reynolds, aged 73, of Salter Close, Berkhamsted, said she was relieved when aid workers from British Red Cross came to her door offering a hot meal, drink and blanket.

Energy distributors UK Power Networks called in the crisis group to help residents after electricity had been down for several hours on Monday.

Mrs Reynolds said: “It was absolutely terrifying to be without electricity all day long. The Red Cross came at about 6.30pm with hot meals, cups of tea, blankets and torches. I was absolutely overwhelmed by their response.

“I just want them to be praised because they were wonderful. When the Red Cross came I felt like I was cared for.”

A spokesman for the electricity supplier said: “Engineers located an underground cable fault which initially interrupted power to 66 homes in Salter Close between 9.19am and 10.37am on Monday.

“Unfortunately the fault proved difficult to trace and it later interrupted 37 supplies from 11.19am and a further 60 from 6.45pm.

“Through our partnership with British Red Cross we arranged for their volunteers to visit the area while our work continued.

“We would like to apologise to everybody affected by this unusually long power interruption.”

Power supplies were restored to homes by 7.20pm.