Company boxes clever by buying its own premises and moving down the road

FFEI moves into The Cube, Maylands Avenue
FFEI moves into The Cube, Maylands Avenue

A leading Maylands company has given the industrial area a £2.1million vote of confidence by moving – just a stone’s throw away.

Digital imaging specialists FFEI did consider moving to Apsley, Watford and Luton but then decided that the right place to buy was at The Cube, in Maylands Avenue.

FFEI managing director Andy Cook said the business reasons were right for staying in Maylands and buying the freehold of their own building.

The new base is modern and air conditioned, which has been very useful in recent weather.

“We have a great network of other businesses here and the council is very helpful,” said Mr Cook. Local transport gurus at Furnell Transport and Storage helped move equipment, including a four-tonne testbed for inkjet research, and construction giant Sir Robert McAlpine helped out with a microwave link when FFEI’s fibreoptics weren’t installed on time.

“We just wouldn’t get that if we didn’t have that local network,” said Mr Cook, who also chairs the Maylands Partnership and is a keen advocate of the area.