‘Eyesore’ site earmarked for Tesco is in need of a tidy

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A RETAIL giant’s confirmation that it will be finally coming to a village next year has renewed calls for the site in question to be cleared and tidied.

It has been almost two years since Tesco won a planning battle to bring an ‘express’ store to Bovingdon.

Since then the proposed site in Chesham Road, currently a disused garage, has remained in a state of disrepair.

Now the supermarket chain has confirmed that it will be in the village by autumn next year.

Chairman of the parish council Tony Trigg said: “Since Tesco won their appeal, we’ve accepted they’re going to open, and that there will be double yellow lines put in place around the site.

“We’ll be pleased because the site is an absolute eyesore.

“If it’s going to be another year, they should do something to improve the site in the meantime.

“By not paying attention to the site they are not going to improve their reputation.”

If the autumn 2012 date goes ahead it will be almost three years after permission was granted.