Harry Potters off but there’s still a need for film sets

Bluebells at Ashridge
Bluebells at Ashridge

UNLESS there is a prequel, we can assume that the Harry Potter blockbuster currently breaking box office records will be the last.

However, as Hollywood is always hungry for the next blockbuster and with Warner Bros reportedly pouring £100million into a development of Harry’s Leavesden home there will always be a need for locations.

Location filming was worth an estimated £38.5 million to the East of England, including Herts, in 2009/10, providing a massive boost to the economy.

And now the organisation that puts film companies in touch with possible locations wants to find more places across the region that can take a share of the lucrative cake.

Film Link is now actively seeking new additions to their locations database to benefit from productions filming in the region.

Production companies use all manner of locations from residential houses or flats and office buildings to shops and farms but don’t just think pretty!

Filmmakers need all kinds of property in all types and conditions for backdrops.

In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 The National Trust’s Ashridge Estate was the perfect backdrop for Lucius Malfoy’s house.

Contact Film Link by phoning 0845 641 9892 or visit www.film-link.co.uk/locations Registration on the locations database is a £30 (including VAT) per location.

Film Link is owned by Exemplas (part of the University of Hertfordshire group of companies) with support from Hertfordshire County Council and Elstree and Warner Bros. Studios, Leavesden.