Jammy deal off as bread and butter costs rocket

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FOOD price hikes and demands for more extras have forced a popular hotel and restaurant to take toast off the menu, much to the dismay of its customers.

The Rose and Crown in Tring’s High Street used to offer two slices of toast with unlimited jam for £1.25 – but has scrapped the serving because it cannot keep up with customers’ demands for multiple pots of jam.

Sales director Claire Lee said that if customers make a specific request for it they will have to pay £4.

“Some people asked for as many as six pots of jam so that’s why we decided to stop – we just can’t afford to give it to them,” she explained.

The Rose and Crown has not made any significant price increases to its menu since the recession started, absorbing the impact of increased VAT and food costs.

This month its sister hotel Pendley Manor will start charging an extra £2.50 for Sunday lunch taking the price from £22.50 to £25.