Jan aims to be a new buddy for budding businesses

Jan Ibbott
Jan Ibbott

Serial entrepreneur Jan Ibbott thrives on creating new businesses and helping others do the same.

Her latest venture, business development consultancy Business Buddy, is less than one year old but is already good enough to have been shortlisted for the recent Hertfordshire Federation of Small Businesses awards.

Jan, 51, of Newell Road, Hemel Hempstead, said: “Since the end of 2011 I have had time to consider what my next challenge would be as I am not somebody who likes to take it easy. I needed a new challenge.

“For me it was a natural progression to continue to support and help small businesses to develop and grow.

“My new business, Business Buddy is the result of my desire and motivation to help small businesses.”

Jan worked in the jewellery sector for 22 years, leaving a job as marketing manager for Ernest Jones Jewellers after being passed over for promotion. She was 40 years old and knew it was “now or never” to try her hand at running a business of her own.

She set up her own small jewellery business but with no shop found it hard to attract new customers.

She joined a networking group and found there was a demand for a women’s group.

She founded the Women in Business Network (WIBN) which she branded, operated and franchised from 2005-2011. She sold the franchise with more than 75 groups, although she still has eight branches under her wing.

She said: “I am particularly good at creating a business from an idea and making it reality.

“In fact I thrive on this and love to help others to do the same!”

Jan felt that business owners struggling with the growth or development of their business needed a service which was more directive and advice driven, something more than business coaching so the “seeds were sown” for Business Buddy.

Business Buddy now has more than 40 clients, many of whom are referrals from other customers.

At a time when many businesses are worrying about their future and seeking help before it is too late, Jan seems to have identified a clear gap in the market for a flexible advice service for new and mature comapnies and hit the nail on the head.

Visit the Business Buddy website www.businessbuddy.me.uk