Jobs: e-learning project aims to build skills for young people

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A new virtual work experience project aims to give 16-19 year olds the skills and knowledge to break into the financial and professional services sectors.

The Financial Skills Partnership is launching GetInGetOn on Monday (April 1), an industry-led online project where employers build skills and support for future talent in the financial and professional services sectors.

Liz Field, chief executive of the Financial Skills Partnership, said: “At a time when young people are desperately seeking information on choices and opportunities to begin a career, it is vital that they are given every possible chance to gain an insight into real working conditions from professionals already operating in the sector.

“Such an opportunity is rare and not widely available but it is what is needed in order to assist young people in their quest to get their foot in the door in the sector.”

GetInGetOn is aimed at school and college students across the UK. Young people taking part in the programme will undertake online immersive learning, delivered through an interactive platform, at the same time as having access to industry professionals with whom they can have e-conversations about careers, working in the sector and support for their skills development.

Liz Field added: “Bright and ambitious students will then be able to gain real learning about the sector, presented in eight 30 minute-long modules developed in consultation with employers and teachers, which will convey an understanding of topics such as how do financial services work, risk and rewards, and good customer service.

“Their e-mentor will be on hand on the e-learning platform to guide them through the learning process and answer their additional questions. Although the scheme won’t eliminate youth unemployment single-handedly, this is an approach that must be replicated in all sectors throughout the UK as the country focuses its efforts on equipping the next generation’s workforce.”