John gave 71 years to Tring company

G Grace and Sons Tring
G Grace and Sons Tring

The employer of a delivery driver and mechanic, who passed away last month, challenges anyone to beat the 71-year span the loyal worker gave the company.

John Warren worked for G Grace and Son in Tring for more than 71 years and is remembered for being a loyal and enthusiastic member of staff.

The 86-year-old, who passed away peacefully on August 17, first arrived to work at the hardware shop and garage in 1941 and apart from a gap of about six years working for another company, he continued to work there until 2012.

Owner Gilbert Grace said: “I first saw John when I was working in the workshop and heard a single cylinder motorcycle arriving and looked out to see John on the Triumph. Little did I know I would still be with him all these years later.”

John (pictured with staff from the firm) was born in Paris and came to Tring at the age of nine and went to Berkhamsted School before he joined the army and was posted to Burma.

“In 1941 at the age of 16, my grandfather Gilbert Harold Grace asked him to install and maintain stationary engines,” explained Gilbert.

During his last few years for the company, John worked part time on deliveries.

Gilbert said: “I think it’s terrific that someone has given their time to a company for that length of time. Mostly I remember John being scared of mice and we used to tease him about it. He was a real genuine person.”