New Maylands relief road is being looked at by County Hall

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Plans for a Maylands relief road to ease congestion at Hemel Hempstead’s prime industrial area are being seriously considered by Herts County Council.

Proposals for a new road, with an estimated cost of up to £5million, go back as far as 1999 but the area’s economic success is making the idea a priority.

Behind the scenes the government is devolving decision making power on major transport schemes to local authorities. The handover should be complete by 2015.

A new Hertfordshire Local Transport Body is already working on its list of priorities in readiness for that change.

The M1-Maylands Link NE Relief Road was considered at the body’s second so-called ‘shadow meeting.’

Hemel Hempstead MP Mike Penning, however, wants the planners to look more strategically, beyond the medium term and go for a new M1 Junction 8a.

The former transport minister said: “The area between the motorway and Maylands is going to be developed so they should look into the long-term and get the developers to contribute to a new Junction 8a.” He approved a similar scheme during his time in the post.