Property site keeps all the details well Hidden

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A Berkhamsted estate agent has launched what it is calling a ‘revolutionary’ new website concept for buying and selling homes.

Hidden Homes, in High Street, does exactly what it says on the hyperlink by keeping the details of properties and prices a top secret from the general market.

“We’ve already been contacted by footballers and celebrities who don’t want the press to know where they are going,” said Chris Raper, one of the directors.

The business concept works on matching a list of potential buyers who have been financially ‘pre-qualified’ by the Hidden Homes private finance team. They pay a subscription to prove their commitment to buy.

Properties are also kept out of general market view so to avoid current market conditions. If properties are seen to be on the market for a long time, it can affect their value with other buyers.

Hidden Homes believe the appeal – and value – of properties on its books remain intact because they are not over-exposed.

Mr Raper said: “People are afraid to put houses on the open market bearing in mind the economy.

“Housing stock levels are very low. In somewhere like Berkhamsted whenever any half-decent housing comes on the market it can sell very, very quickly.

“Hidden Homes means vendors aren’t put under pressure by people dependent on chains or because they want to get out of the rented sector. It’s all about finding the right buyer.”

Hidden Homes currently works in Berkhamsted, Tring, Wendover, St Albans, Harpenden and surrounding villages. But following national press exposure, Mr Raper said they are now looking at expansion on a national level.

The concept was first developed in October last year and has been led by chief executive Jan Foo.