Simon says it’s time to teach leadership

Simon Stillman, left.
Simon Stillman, left.

A company boss welcomes the fact that some primary school children are being taught about the principles behind Dragons Den.

Simon Stillman runs LEAP Training and Coaching, in Ebberns Road, Apsley, so has more than a passing interest in the subject.

Mr Stillman argues the world is changing so fast young people will increasingly need that something extra to be successful.

He said: “It’s a challenging world out there, constantly changing, businesses come and go, some successfully adapt to the challenging economic environment – others unfortunately, through no fault of their own, go by the wayside.

“The next generation will inherit a very different world from the one today, and so in the future success in any field of life will depend not only on qualifications and academic success which are of course vitally important but also something extra, something less tangible, I call this ‘entrepreneurship and self-leadership’.”

He adds that the next generation will be applying for jobs that have not yet been invented, which means they will have to be super-flexible in their approach.

But unlike some in the business world who criticise the standard of education given to young people, Mr Stillman sees an increasing awareness of entrepreneurship, self-leadership and resilience.

He said: “So is entrepreneurship, self-leadership, resilience, taught in schools? Yes of course, and many schools do this brilliantly either running programmes themselves or with support from external organisations/individuals.

“Secondary schools run these programmes and have done so for years but increasingly now primary schools are running enterprise days and events, so don’t be surprised if your nine-year-old comes home telling you all about costs, profits and marketing and wants to watch “Dragons’ Den” on catch up.

“And it’s not just about business of course, the skills young people acquire while learning about setting up and running businesses are transferable to everything we do -– taking risks, having a go, dealing with failure, pitching ideas.

“So let’s bring on more entrepreneurship and self-leadership and watch the next generation change the world!” Visit for more.