Stepping up a gear in new year

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A business lobby group is planning to accentuate the positive with a new joined up ‘go for growth’ strategy in 2013.

Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry wants to counter what it sees as national media negativity by encouraging a local feelgood factor.

Yolanda Rugg, who will be taking over as the Chamber’s chief executive in the new year said: “We want to boost confidence by demonstrating excellence and sharing best practice. It will be a cohesive strategy for growth.”

The Chamber wants to encourage copycat companies to do what the best are doing and thereby replace a vicious circle of negativity with a virtuous one. It launched its Inspiring Hertfordshire awards in Ware on Tuesday but plans to highlight other successes too via publications and on sites like Twitter.

The Chamber also plans to up its game across the West Herts area, including Dacorum, with a events including a breakfast meeting with a high profile speaker from the Bank of England.

“We will be raising the bar in the west of the county,” said Ms Rugg. The Chamber will also be promoting the Growth Accelerator scheme where eligible businesses receive in-depth help to turn plans into reality.