Surplus to give charities boost

CHARITIES will get a £7,000 boost after a council decided where to allocate a surplus in its budget.

Tring Town Council also plans to spend £2,000 on updating its office IT.

At a meeting last Monday, Councillor Richard Jameson said funds totalling £9,000 should be used to lower the precept.

Councillor Penny Hearn said it should be put into reserves and go towards the council’s 10-year plan, which involves charities, local organisations and sporting groups.

But Councillor John Allan said reserves are adequate to look at the 10-year plan and the money would only lower the precept by under 5p per household.

Tring’s precept is expected to stay the same per household as last year, but go up by £275 to £114,547 overall because of an increased number of households.

In Berkhamsted, the precept is expected to go down by one per cent because of an increase in the number of houses.

It marks a five per cent decrease over the lifetime of the current council.