Survey could provide vital evidence on borough’s slow broadband speed

Councillor Steve Holmes
Councillor Steve Holmes

As some businesses in the area may be aware, there have been ongoing discussions between Dacorum Borough Council, the Herts Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Maylands Partnership and BT in relation to the lack of business broadband speed in some areas in the borough.

Whilst BT have installed Superfast Broadband to residential areas, businesses are still suffering effects of very poor broadband speed unless they have a dedicated line which is not always an option for smaller businesses.

BT have advised that a strong business case needs to be put forward in order for the business areas to be connected to the Superfast Broadband, so an on-line survey has been compiled in order for us to guage businesses’ response and opinions, the results of which will then be passed to BT.

The survey can be accessed by visiting and will only take a few minutes to complete.

We are urging all businesses to complete this survey as soon as possible so we can provide BT with the business case they need and get the broadband issues resolved for all businesses in the area.

If you would like any further information, contact