Tattoo artists make a mark on Twitter

Tattoo artists in Apsley are using the power of Twitter to champion the highest standards in their profession.

Owner Tim Morgan and studio manager Rob Dow, pictured, are the artists behind Classic Tattoo, in London Road, from where Rob, 34, runs the Twitter account

MCHG 12-1038  Rob Dow at Classic Tattoo, Apsley.

MCHG 12-1038 Rob Dow at Classic Tattoo, Apsley.

“Unfortunately there are a lot of low quality practitioners in tattooing,” said Rob who has more than 2,460 followers on the micro-blogging website. “They buy their kit off eBay from China and end up injuring people and taking their money.”

Rob added as well as giving advice on the site he has online conversations with people who have suffered bad practice, including a lack of advice on aftercare.

“We also talk about the differences in tattooing in America and Australia,” added Rob, who has followers around the world.

From a business point of view all that is well and good but Rob adds people have travelled from as far away as from south of London to have their tattoos done in Hemel Hempstead. Tim started the studio in 1984.

“We’re very well known for our work but joining Twitter has definitely been worth it,” added Rob who has been using the site for about one year. “There is quite a percentage of work which has come from Twitter.”

He added that Twitter is great for breaking the ice. He said: “It helps to get to know people before they come to the studio, which puts them at ease because they know you before they arrive.

“Some clients can be edgy about the procedures, so getting to know them on Twitter before they come is useful.”

Rob, who started out as a fresh-faced apprentice at the business in 1996, also uses the site to post pictures of the amazing body artwork he and Tim create.

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