Top 100mb web speeds for town

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HEMEL Hempstead is one of only three towns in the county to have a new super-speedy broadband service of up to 100mb, making it one of the fastest web locations in the UK.

Only available to a quarter of homes across the whole of the country, the new network provided by Virgin Media claims to provide speeds up to 16 times that of the average UK speed.

The service became available in the town, along with Watford and Bishop’s Stortford, on Friday.

The news follows in the wake of a recently unveiled Ofcom map detailing internet speeds in different locations across the UK.

Statistics for the county as a whole show internet speeds being an average of 7.7MB per second, with 76 per cent of addresses having a broadband internet connection.

Jon James, executive director of broadband at Virgin Media said: “The launch of our 100mb service in Hertfordshire is a significant milestone in the UK’s broadband evolution and a vivid illustration of the power of our next generation network.

“From establishing the UK’s first ever broadband service to the launch of 100Mb just ten years later, Virgin Media has led the greatest developments in digital Britain.”

New speeds mean a TV show could be downloaded in just 30 seconds.