Tring Park offers its graduate choreographers a leg up

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A performing arts school is inviting its graduates back to choreograph dance shows to help offset the affects of the economic downturn and give them a leg up in the career ladder.

Tring Park’s Choreofest programme started on Monday with the return of Sally Anne Wignall and James Loffler, who’s two-week internship will end with a show at the school’s Markova Theatre on October 13.

Director of dance Rachel Rist said: “The school produces choreographers who find it difficult to get work as they need CV of their work to secure work but it’s expensive to hire to a dance studio, dancers and musicians in order to do it, so Tring Park have given the ex pupils the perfect opportunity to achieve this.”

Sally Anne, who has launched her own contemporary dance company, said: “There is a lot of competition for funding and often you need a finished piece, which you can’t do without money for dancers and space to rehearse in. A lot of companies and organisations have lost their funding pots in the economic climate.”