Twitter dragon Simon gives business tips

Simon Dolan
Simon Dolan

WHEN Simon Dolan speaks about business success, it’s worth listening because he’s made millions while most of us, well, haven’t!

Mr Dolan runs SJD Accountancy, based in Hillfield Road, Hemel Hempstead, and last year picked up the Staples-sponsored Entrepreneur of the Year award at the British Chambers of Commerce Business Awards.

He’s what’s known as a Twitter dragon after investing in businesses following their tweets on the social networking site.

Mr Dolan has now come up with some ideas that businesses should consider adopting in the year ahead.

> Go green – A green business is also an efficient business. By having your green strategy and business strategy aligned, you will be saving money.

> Get ahead through social networking – If you aren’t using social media to augment your business, make 2011 the year of action! Using the likes of Linkedin and Twitter can have a huge impact on your business – monitoring comments on your company or sourcing new customers for example.

> Be innovative in the methods used to access funds for your business – If the banks are being unhelpful, look at alternatives – angel investors, or even family and friends.

> Hire the right people – An entrepreneur’s life is made so much easier when they have people working with them they trust. When looking for new staff, first instincts are rarely wrong.

> Is SEO working for you? – Twenty years ago a small business needed a telephone, a directory and perhaps an advert in a local newspaper to gain customers. 2011 is a different era, and no SEO strategy means far fewer sales.

> Look at your competitors – A successful business is the one that does things better than their competitors. Analyse the marketplace and improve on it.

> Look after your client list – Your database is a precious recourse.

Ensure you look after it through regular email and telephone contact with clients, former clients and prospective clients.