Call for action to prevent future accidents in Gadebridge Road

Councillor Terry Douris
Councillor Terry Douris

Action is being called for to put a stop to motorists that lose control of their vehicles and veer into front gardens.

People living in busy Gadebridge Road hope that something can be done before icy weather sets in making the stretch of road between Butts End and Reynolds Close even more perilous.

In recent months there were two crashes within weeks of each other, which prompted long-suffering residents to call in borough councillor for the area Maureen Flintin a bid to spark action.

Councillor Flint, who is backing the call for safety measures, said: “We cannot ignore this any longer. This is serious.”

Chris Mansell, who has lived in the road for 19 years, had a wall built outside her home to prevent out of control vehicles from crashing into her garden.

On one occasion a dangerously out of control motorcyclist crashed into her front door.

“I had a wall built after the first accident a couple of years back,” she said. “That wall is a bit of protection. It’s frightening.

“Speeding is very common around here.

“People shouldn’t be able to come round that bend at speed. They need to slow down, that is the main thing.”

Householders are also worried about the safety of children walking to nearby primary schools.

County Councillor Terry Douris, who oversees highways, said: “We understand the frustration of residents who have been affected by the recent collisions on Gadebridge Road, and are concerned when any collisions occur.

“We are advised by the police of any reported collisions which involve someone being injured, and use those statistics to prioritise which sites should be considered for road safety work. There have not been any reported personal injury collisions in the past five years along Gadebridge Road between Butts End and Reynolds Close (two isolated slight injury collisions have been reported along the whole length of Gadebridge Road in the same period).

“However, should we receive reports from the police regarding the most recent incidents, we will carefully consider any resulting recommendations. In the meantime, we would urge motorists to drive carefully.”