Call for ‘appropriate adult’ volunteers in Herts to help children who have been arrested

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When young people aged under 18 are arrested, they are usually accompanied to the police station by a parent or carer to make sure they are supported and treated fairly.

But sometimes when this cannot be done an ‘appropriate adult’ is needed, by law, to look after their rights and welfare while they are there.

Hertfordshire’s Youth Justice Service, which works in partnership with Herts Police, wants more adults to step into this voluntary role, which requires two days of training.

The next training event will run from 7pm to 10pm on Tuesday next week and the Tuesday after that at Hatfield Police Station in Comet Way.

To book a place on the training, email Jennie Jenner at

Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire David Lloyd said: “Appropriate adults are an essential part of the criminal justice system – they make sure young people are supported and treated fairly.

“This is an important role and one of many ways that people can volunteer and make a difference in the community. The more of us who are involved in policing, community safety and the criminal justice system, the better protected we all are.”