Campaigners ask GPs to ‘safeguard’ the NHS

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Campaigners are hoping to persuade a new GP body in west Herts to ‘protect the NHS’ by altering its constitution.

Local members of the campaign group 38 Degrees are hoping to add wording to the constitution of Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), which will take responsibility for health services next April.

Co-ordinator Philippa Jones said: “When the changes were introduced by the government it was felt local members would want to get together to have meetings about the changes and how they can support local doctors.

“One of the things we want to do is to encourage the clinical commissioning group to introduce some wording into the constitution to strengthen their ability to safeguard the health service.”

A plan of action was drawn up at a meeting at the Friends Meeting House in Berkhamsted on October 27, where 34 people from across west Herts got together.

A total of 1,792 members of 38 Degrees from west Herts signed a petition against the government’s reforms of the NHS before they eventually became law.

CCGs, made up of GP practices, will take over the role of primary care trusts to commission and provide health services.

38 Degrees is an online campaigning organisation, named after the angle at which an avalanche starts, with one million members. It campaigns on a range of local and national issues.