Can cows actually save our world?

Can cows save the world?
Can cows save the world?

A writer and stand-up comic will talk about how cows may be able to save the planet at Berkhamsted Town Hall from 7pm on Wednesday.

Mark Stevenson will talk about his latest book An Optimist’s Tour of the Future and about how modern technologies are helping us live more sustainably.

He will also talk about how cows can take CO2 out of the atmosphere. Entry to the event is £3 – £2 for people with concessions – and there will also be food and drink there.

The talk is being organised by Transition Town Berkhamsted.

Spokesman Bex Plenderleith said: “For all the climate sceptics, environmental poo-pooers and the ‘we’ll never change anything’ brigade, Mark will prove just how wrong and uninspired they are.

“Mark will demonstrate that science can change/save us – and sow the seeds on how we can personally make a change ourselves.

“Not only is Mark clever, he’s pretty funny too. He deserves the hall to be full.”

Transition Town Berkhamsted will also be showcasing its own projects. To pre-order a ticket, email Bex at