Can you become the town’s next comedy talent?

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WANNABE comedians are being offered a chance to train with a professional funnyman on time to play at Tring’s summer comedy festival.

Get Stuffed Comedy Club launched the opportunity at its sell-out Russell Kane gig on Wednesday night.

Sixteen lucky performers will be selected to hone their comedy talent on eight-week course Become A Comedian, run by Wigginton-based comic Logan Murray.

Get Stuffed spokesman Ben Moorhouse said: “We are looking for up to 16 people who have never been paid comedians in any shape or form.

“It will be the realisation of a dream or perhaps their mates think they are funny and might be quite good at it.”

The course starts on May 13 and runs for eight weeks.

Ben said: “Logan Murray has a very precise way he runs the course and it involves people being paired up and going through the writing and delivery process, which he teaches them.

“It is quite an intriguing way of learning comedy.”

Successful trainee comedians will have the chance to accompany leading acts on the Roving Comedians Tour, which sees acts perform at different pubs in Tring on July 1, the first day of the Tringe Comedy Festival.

Comedian Arthur Smith will then choose two of the acts to support him at his festival gig at The Court Theatre, Pendley.

Ben is also in talks with a TV producer over the potential for filing a fly-on-the-wall documentary about the trainees.

The Tringe Festival is in its second year and will span three weeks in July, following the success of the week-long event last year. For more information, visit