‘Cancer victim Niamh didn’t die in vain’

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A CYCLIST who raised more than £2,000 to help pay for cancer treatment for a little girl has said that her story has raised awareness that could help other children.

Customers of The Espresso Lounge in Tring sponsored its owner Aron Sharma to cycle 420 miles to raise money to for five-year-old Niamh Curry to have possible life-saving treatment in America.

The youngster sadly lost her battle with her rare form of childhood cancer just months before she was due to leave.

Aron said: “ The money I raised will go to the Neuroblastoma Alliance that supports research to help cure rare forms of childhood cancer.”

Aron was one of thousands of people and celebrities who were touched by Niamh’s story.

Her parents Chris and Sam launched Niamh’s Next Step to raise £450,000 to pay for her to have treatment in America and raised £300,000 in less than seven months.

The late Amy Winehouse’s dad Mitch, raised £3,000 by auctioning one of his daughter’s shirts and a host of famous people helped publicise the cause.

The family were due fly to Philadelphia for specialised neuroblastoma treatment in September but Niamh lost her battle with the cancer on Monday, May 21.

Aron said: “She had come to visit me at the coffee shop just weeks before she died. I was lost for words when I found out but to see how so many people got involved and gave support is uplifting. Chris and Sam raised a lot of awareness for neuroblastoma that will help other children in the future.”

Niamh’s Next Step, which will continue to raise money for children with rare cancers.