Car boot sale bid to tackle cancer

Jarek and Milena Skorupska with baby Laura.
Jarek and Milena Skorupska with baby Laura.

Car boot sales are being held to boost funds towards a new dad’s potentially life-saving treatment.

Pals of Jarek and Milena Skorupska have taken up the fundraising mantle and have so far raised more than £500 through two sales.

Milena, of Fletcher Way, Hemel Hempstead, started a fundraising drive to pay for pioneering treatment after husband Jarek, 41, was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour in December.

But after a good start, donations have started to dwindle.

“To date we have raised £6,740,” said Milena, who gave birth to the couple’s first child in February.

“It was going very well in the initial few weeks but now it has really slowed down.”

Now donations of clothes and goods are being appealed for to keep the sales, dubbed Car Boot The Cancer, going.

If more valuable items are handed over, these will be sold on eBay to get the best price.

Jarek has a grade four glioblastoma multiforme tumour – the worst severity – and despite surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and taking part in a clinical trial the tumour continues to grow.

It was hoped that he could be part of a costly vaccine trial but it has since been discovered that his tumour is not suitable for the treatment.

Now the couple hope to try out magnetic field therapy in India, in the hope of reducing the tumour or stop it from growing completely.

The treatment cost, including flight tickets and accommodation, will cost around £12,000.

The possibility of gene therapy treatment in America is also being explored.

To donate goods email, or visit