Caravan con family to get their dream break thanks to Hemel Hempstead holiday firm

Kirsty Hannaby and her children.
Kirsty Hannaby and her children.

A family who were conned into paying more than £3,000 for a second-hand caravan which never arrived now have the chance to go on their much hoped-for summer break, thanks to a Hemel Hempstead-based holiday firm.

The Gazette reported last week how Kirsty and Jon Hannaby, of Bennetts End, fell victim to an online scam in which they lost their life-savings. The couple and their four children, aged 13, seven, six and four, were devastated when their dream holiday plans became what Kirsty described as “a living nightmare.”

But after reading the story, the team at Park Resorts, which has its headquarters in Waterhouse Street, decided to help cheer the family up by offering a free break at any of its 39 UK caravan parks.

The company’s sales and marketing director Richie Jones said: “We were very saddened to hear of the Hannaby family’s situation. As a caravan holiday company we know how people enjoy their caravan holiday homes and spending time away in them.

“We are offering them a complimentary break in the hope this goes some way to easing their disappointment.”

Kirsty said: “We can now tell the children that we are going to be having a caravan holiday. They will be chuffed to bits with that.

“You do lose faith, you get a bit disheartened when you go through something like this, but to know there are people out there who have read our story and done something for us shows that there are really nice people out there, too.

“The children will be really pleased. When they thought our own caravan was coming they were so excited thinking it would be there when they came home. Now we have the chance to go on a holiday I can show them what it will look like online, and they will be so happy.”

The family can book a stay of up to seven nights in one of the company’s bronze static caravans, worth up to £650.