Cat who was left ‘skin and bone’ and has a ‘chin like Bruce Forsyth’ needs a new home

A cat who was discovered as little more than ‘skin and bone’ is now feline fine after being nursed back to full health.

Kipper’s fate was in his own paws after he was found emaciated and dehydrated by a passer-by, and wasn’t expected to last the night.

Kipper the cat is in need of a loving new home

Kipper the cat is in need of a loving new home

But the poorly puss hadn’t used up all of his nine lives yet, and gained strength daily after being put on a drip for two weeks. He has since been looked after by a fosterer in Hemel Hempstead, and is seeking a permanent home with a mature family.

His fosterer said: “Kipper is a fantastic little man with a lovely character. He is a fighter. He’s done ever so well from where he came from – he was literally skin and bone.”

Due to a condition called cellulitis, Kipper has been left with a ‘Brucie’ chin which means he isn’t the most handsome of moggies, but he is described as a dedicated companion who is loving and loyal.

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