Chain reaction: Husband and wife are both mayors for perhaps the first time in Dacorum’s history

Stephen and Penny Hearn
Stephen and Penny Hearn

A husband and wife will be mayors at the same time in what is thought to be the first instance of this happening in the entire history of Dacorum.

Penny Hearn has served in the role for the borough council for the last year, but will pass the title to somebody else on Wednesday, May 28.

Her husband Stephen was appointed Tring mayor last night, and will stay in the role for a year from today.

As he will only represent the town rather than the borough, he will get none of the perks Penny has – such as a chauffeur-driven car and personal secretary.

But he says that doesn’t bother him. He said: “There will be no competition between us to see who can be the better mayor. I dare not compete. That would be very dangerous for me.”

He and Penny got married 43 years ago. Stephen thinks this is the first time a husband and wife have been mayors at the same time in Dacorum.

He is now serving his fourth year as a Tring Town Councillor. Penny, however, has been one since 1985 as well as serving as town mayor on four separate occasions.

She became a Dacorum Borough Councillor in 2008 – but Stephen has too many plans of his own to be worrying about her achievements.

He said: “I will try and make full use of what Tring already has and make it an enjoyable year and a happy year. I want to make sure everybody enjoys themselves.

“I like seeing smiling faces. The world has many things that we do not smile about, but in Tring I think we can afford to have lots of smiling faces.

“I have been down here for 50 years. It is not the end of my story, but this is a progression.

“Coming down from Wigginton to work in Tring when I finished school, I was very much ‘the boy from the hills,’ as they say. When I started work then in the cattle market, the first thing I was greeted with was: ‘What do you want boy?’ From that to being elected mayor of Tring is a very proud moment for me.”

Stephen is now the director of Tring Market Auctions.

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